PCP 2011
19th International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology
Boston, Massachusetts, USA: July 19-22, 2011
Hosted by the Constructivist Psychology Network


"Pushing the Boundaries of Constructivism: Collaborating across Theories, Applications, and Methods"
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Keynote Speakers: Michael Bamberg, Hubert Hermans, Ellyn Kaschak
Featured Speakers: Jay Efran, Scott Johnson, Larry Leitner, Sheila McNamee, Spencer McWilliams, Robert Neimeyer, Jrn Scheer,
Beverly Walker, Bill Warren, David Winter

Beginning with personal construct psychology in 1955, constructivist-influenced theories have been used in multiple ways in psychology, other social sciences, and the humanities. The goal of this congress is to bring together those incorporating one or more modes of constructivist thought into research, theory, scholarship, and professional practice.

The congress was held at the John Hancock Hotel & Conference Center in the heart of Boston. Accommodations and congress sessions were in one convenient and affordable location! Information about constructivismincluding personal construct psychology, radical constructivism, social constructionism, narrative psychology, and dialogical sciencecan be found on the Constructivist Psychology Network website. Relevant links, online articles, and  educational videos are readily available.

Co-organizers: Jack S. Kahn (congress chair) and Jonathan D. Raskin (program chair)