Special Issue: Myriad Musings on a Multidimensional Manifesto:
Rue L. Cromwell’s Being Human: Human Being


Myriad Musings on a Multidimensional Manifesto: Introduction to the Special Issue on Rue L. Cromwell’s Book Being Human: Human Being. Manifesto for a New Psychology

Spencer A. McWilliams
pages 161-163


A 21st-Century Personal Construct Psychology Upgrade

Spencer A. McWilliams
pages 164-171

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Psychological Epistemology: Epistemological Psychology

Will D. Spaulding
pages 172-180

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Thinking, Feeling, and Being Human

Jonathan D. Raskin
pages 181-186

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Evolutionary Constructivist Psychology

Russell E. Jackson
pages 187-193

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A Constructivist Approach to Defining Human Emotion: From George Kelly to Rue Cromwell

Melissa M. Karnaze
pages 194-201

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Some Functional Relationships Informing the Structure of Personal Constructs

J. R. Adams-Webber
pages 202-209

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Humans as Scientists: Scientists as Humans

Brian R. Gaines
pages 210-217

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Toward a Pragmatic Psychology

Trevor Butt
pages 218-224

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A Tale of Two Tales

Kenneth W. Sewell
pages 225-231

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JCP coverVoyage of Invention

Rue L. Cromwell
pages 232-247

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