From the program website:

This part time Master’s Degree course offers the first advanced training in Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) in the UK that leads to a postgraduate University award. The programme combines a thorough understanding of personal construct theory, acquisition of PCP skills and tuition in a wide range of personal construct methods (in particular, an advanced training in the use of Repertory Grid Technique for use with both individuals and groups). Graduates will be equipped to apply the knowledge and skills they gain from completing this course to a variety of settings. Those settings can be in any context where an understanding of individual and/or group behaviour is required, such as in organisations, research or consultancy.

  • Combines an academic understanding of PCP theory with the acquisition of applied skills.
  • Enhances understanding of the reasons underlying behaviour both in others and yourself.
  • Promotes personal and professional development through reflection
  • Uses a blend of adult learning approaches (i.e. lectures, discussions, practical exercises, workshops) to engage students with the content of the taught modules.
  • Potential applications in any employment setting where an understanding of human behaviour is advantageous.

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