9.3.mediumThe latest issue of the AHCI journal Constructivist Foundations — a special issue on Forty Years of Radical Constructivism in Educational Research — has been published.
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Special Issue
Forty Years of Radical Constructivism in Educational Research
Edited by Alexander Riegler and Leslie P. Steffe

Alexander Riegler & Leslie P. Steffe
“What Is the Teacher Trying to Teach Students if They Are All Busy Constructing Their Own Private Worlds?” Introduction to the Special Issue

Target Article

Hugh Gash
Constructing Constructivism

Open Peer Commentaries

Janet Bowers, John Gruver & Vi Trang
Radical Constructivism: A Theory of Individual and Collective Change?

Thomas McCloughlin
Radical Constructivism in Learning: Breaking the Tyranny of Information Accumulation

Arne Engström
RC is a Theory of Learning, not Teaching

Theo Hug
Reflecting on Constructing Constructivism

Dewey I. Dykstra, Jr.
Radical Constructivism and Social Justice: Educational Implications

Author’s Response

Hugh Gash
Perspectives on RC and Teaching

Target Article

Catherine Ulrich, Erik Tillema, Amy J. Hackenberg & Anderson Norton
Constructivist Model Building: Empirical Examples From Mathematics Education

Open Peer Commentaries

Heather Lynn Johnson
A Role of Context in Constructivist Model Building: What Problem is the Learner Solving?

Jérôme Proulx
From Model Building to the Observer

Pedro J. Sánchez Gómez
Methodological Issues of Second-order Model Building

Thérèse Dooley
Second-order Models of Students’ Mathematics: Delving into Possibilities

Martin A. Simon
Models of Students’ Mathematics and their Relationship to Mathematics Pedagogy

Ron Tzur
Second-Order Models: A Theoretical Bridge to Practice, A Practical Bridge to Theory

Signe E. Kastberg
The Power of What We Know: Further Directions for Exploring Constructivist Model Building

Authors’ Response

Erik S. Tillema, Amy J. Hackenberg, Catherine Ulrich & Anderson Norton
Interaction: A Core Hypothesis of Radical Constructivist Epistemology

Target Article

Victor V. Cifarelli & Volkan Sevim
Examining the Role of Re-Presentation in Mathematical Problem Solving: An Application of Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Conceptual Analysis

Open Peer Commentaries

Catherine Ulrich
Issues Around Reflective Abstraction in Mathematics Education

Kevin C. Moore
Re-presentations and Conceptual Structures of What?

Carlos W. Castillo-Garsow
Mathematical Modeling and the Nature of Problem Solving

Gerald A. Goldin
A Fine Conceptual Analysis Needs No “Ism”

Karen François
Convergences between Radical Constructivism and Critical Learning Theory

Joy W. Whitenack
A Case for Framing Our Research in a Radical Constructivist Tradition

Tracy Goodson-Espy
Reflective Abstraction as an Individual and Collective Learning Mechanism

Erik S. Tillema
Reflecting on a Radical Constructivist Approach to Problem Solving

Authors’ Response

Volkan Sevim & Victor V. Cifarelli
Radical Constructivist Conceptual Analyses in Mathematical Problem Solving and their Implications for Teaching

Target Article

Christiane M. Herr
Radical Constructivist Structural Design Education for Large Cohorts of Chinese Learners

Open Peer Commentaries

Victor V. Cifarelli
Perspectives on Teaching Architectural Design Based on a RC Model of Knowing

Ben Sweeting
Not All Conversations Are Conversational: A Reflection on the Constructivist Aspects of Design Studio Education

David R. Liss II
Examining the Roles of Feedback and Models of Student Thinking in Pursuing Instructional Goals Inspired by Radical Constructivism

Nicolas Perrin
The Device Design Studio: Proscribe in Order to Promote New Knowledge

Volkan Sevim
Interdisciplinary Connections between Radical Constructivist Approaches in Mathematical Problem Solving and Structural Design in Architecture

Brian R. Lawler
Forging a Constructivist Pedagogy: Focus on Teacher Decision-Making

Author’s Response

Christiane M. Herr
The Productive Challenge of Large Cohorts in Radical Constructivist Education

Target Article

Markus F. Peschl, Gloria Bottaro, Martina Hartner-Tiefenthaler & Katharina Rötzer
Learning How to Innovate as a Socio-epistemological Process of Co-creation: Towards a Constructivist Teaching Strategy for Innovation

Open Peer Commentaries

Larry L. Hatfield
Radical Constructivism in the Classroom: Tensions and Balances

Adalira Sáenz-Ludlow
To Learn Is to Understand and to Understand Is to Innovate: An Inter-intra Socio-epistemological Process

Hugh Gash
The Need for Varieties of Perspectives

John Richards
Going Beyond Novelty: Innovation as a Market Process

Florian Kragulj
Interacting with the Envisioned Future as a Constructivist Approach to Learning

Authors’ Response

Markus F. Peschl, Gloria Bottaro, Martina Hartner-Tiefenthaler & Katharina Rötzer
Challenges in Studying and Teaching Innovation: Between Theory and Practice

Regular Section

Publication Review

Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Volume 9