The eighth issue of the Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo is now online and you can download it at this page after the login. This new issue explores the body subject thanks to the article written by Ugazio, Atta and Lisa about eating disorders, by Mills with which we see the idea of “embodied self” and by Gambini with his “Considerations on the rhythm.” Thanks to the interview to Guillem Feixas we can explore the utility of Constructivism in applied research, while the book review brings us back to Constructivism in clinical practice and psychotherapy. The article by Bridi, Lui, Mormina and Stella introduce us to the European Constructivist Training Network and to the experience of Alpine Tales. The issue concludes with a glossary entry explained by Dušan Stojnov.
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Libertà, Bontà, Potere, Appartenenza: le semantiche dei disturbi fobici, ossessivo-compulsivi, alimentari e dell’umoredi Valeria Ugazio, Attà Negi, Lisa Fellin
Freedom, Goodness, Power, and Belonging: The Semantics of Phobic, Obsessive-Compulsive, Eating, and Mood Disorders, by Valeria Ugazio, Attà Negi, Lisa Fellin

Considerazioni sul ritmo come costrutto mentale, di Stefano Gambini
The “rhythm” is a mental construct, considerations, by Stefano Gambini

Buio in sala: la percezione del sé incarnato in azione, di David M. Mills
Darkness in the Theatre: the perception of the embodied self in action, by David M. Mills


Alpine Tales: un’esperienza di costruttivismo vissuto, di Susan Bridi, Chiara Lui, Veronica Mormina, Giovanni Stella
Alpine Tales: an experience of lived constructivism, by Susan Bridi, Chiara Lui, Veronica Mormina, Giovanni Stella


Costruttivismi in ricerca e psicoterapia: intervista a Guillem Feixas, a cura di Chiara Centomo
Constructivisms in research and psychotherapy: interview with Guillem Feixas, by Chiara Centomo


Recensione: “Il costruttivismo in psicologia e in psicoterapia” di Gabriele Chiaridi Francesca Del Rizzo
Book Review “Il costruttivismo in psicologia e in psicoterapia” by Gabriele Chiariby Francesca Del Rizzo


Personalità, di Dušan Stojnov
Personality, by Dušan Stojnov