Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be: Constructivist Psychology Network, Inc. (CPN).

Article II. Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage the development of research and practice broadly defined as “constructivist” within psychology and related human sciences. This includes, but is not limited to, areas such as personal construct psychology, social constructionism, radical constructivism, cognitive constructivism, narrative psychology, and phenomenological psychology. Constructivist approaches are defined as those that emphasize the role of human meaning making and the centrality of these invented meanings in understanding human functioning.

Article III. Membership

Section 1.

The organization shall have two types of membership: Members and Students.

Section 2.

a. Individuals can join CPN by submitting a membership application form and fee to the organization’s treasurer.

b. Individuals who are presently enrolled as students in an academic program can join as Student Members and pay a lower fee.

Section 3.

Members and Student Members of CPN can vote in CPN elections. Members can hold all positions except Student Member-at-Large. Student Members can serve only as Student Members-at-Large or as Newsletter Editor.

Article IV. Officers and Steering Committee

Section 1.

The Steering Committee shall consist of both elected CPN officers (President, Treasurer, one or more Members-At-Large). At the discretion of the elected officer, the Steering Committee may also include appointed CPN officers (e.g., Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Conference Organizer, Student Members-at- Large, etc.).

Section 2.

The President of CPN shall preside at all CPN meetings. This person shall serve as CPN’s governing executive officer. In the event of the President’s death, resignation, absence or inability to serve, the President’s duties shall pass to another elected CPN officer in the following line of succession: Treasurer then Member-At-Large.

Section 3.

a. An election of officers shall be conducted either (a) when the Steering Committee deems an election to be desirable, or (b) upon request by majority of CPN Members. The Steering Committee may choose to hold regularly-scheduled elections, but are not required hereby to do so. Elections shall be conducted by ballot distributed and collected electronically or by mail, at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

b. When an election is to be held, nominations will be solicited by communication to CPN Members and Student Members via mail and/or e-mail.

c. Candidates can be nominated by any CPN Member or Student Member; candidates may also self- nominate. Nominations should be sent to the President or designee, and must be received by the date specified in the election announcement. Candidates nominated by others must accept the nomination before being placed on the ballot.

d. The official ballot shall be mailed or e-mailed to all dues paying Members and Student Members and must be returned by the date specified on the ballot.

Article V. Duties of Officers and Steering Committee

Section 1. President

a. The President shall have all duties usually ascribed to a presiding officer by a standard manual of parliamentary procedure.

b. The President shall be empowered to appoint appropriate representatives and liaisons to committees conducting CPN business.

c. The President shall be empowered to establish and appoint committees of a temporary nature that are important to the President’s functions as executive officer.

d. The President shall oversee elections.

e. The President (herself/himself or via a designee) shall keep appropriate records of CPN business, including the taking of minutes at official meetings and maintaining a permanent file of business transacted.

Section 2. Treasurer

a. The Treasurer shall be in charge of all financial matters and shall receive membership dues. The Treasurer shall disperse funds at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

b. The Treasurer shall report at regular intervals to the Steering Committee on the financial status of CPN.

c. The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report for the Steering Committee, to be reviewed at each CPN business meeting.

d. The Treasurer shall maintain a complete list of CPN member names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Section 3. Member-At-Large

a. The Member-At-Large will participate in the oversight of the organization, and provide support for, and input to, the President and Secretary in the fulfillment of their specific roles.

Section 4. Steering Committee

a. The Steering Committee shall act as a deliberative body on all issues involving the governance of CPN and shall conduct the business of the organization between conferences that bring together a larger body of CPN Members and Student Meetings when a convened membership business meeting can occur (e.g., conferences, etc.). When major issues of policy arise, the Steering Committee shall make necessary interim decisions in the periods between convened membership business meetings.

b. Exceptions to the responsibilities of the Steering Committee shall be where power is delegated otherwise in these Bylaws either to an officer, a committee, or to the membership.

Article VI. Nominations, Elections, and Terms of Office

Section 1.

a. The President, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large will be elected. The terms of office shall be from the date of election until (a) the officer is replaced by a subsequent election, or (b) the officer is unavailable to continue service via resignation, failure to assume/maintain office, or death.

Section 2.

Both Members and Student Members can vote in elections.

Section 3.

Election to office shall be by plurality of the votes cast.

Section 4.

a. The Steering Committee is empowered to fill a vacancy caused by resignation, failure to assume/maintain office, or death. The officer so elected by the Steering Committee shall serve until the President can conduct a full election. An officer may be considered by the remainder of the Steering Committee as failing to assume/maintain office if she/he misses two consecutive meetings of the Steering Committee or fails to be involved in scheduled Steering Committee deliberations.

b. The special procedures for filling a vacancy in the office of President is outlined in Article IV, Section 2 of these Bylaws. Power may be vested in the highest-ranking officer to fill an existing vacancy by appointment if filling the vacancy is deemed urgent, pending approval of the Steering Committee, by mail, telephone, or electronic ballot.

Article VII. CPN Conference

Section 1.

a. CPN may periodically hold a conference.

b. The Steering Committee shall meet at any CPN conference, as well as communicate regularly at other times.

c. A business meeting, open to the entire membership, will be scheduled during any CPN conference.

Article VIII. Quorum

Section 1.

Half of the members of the Steering Committee, convened in person or via telephone/electronically, shall constitute a quorum provided that all Steering Committee members were notified of the time and manner of convening. No proxy votes shall be accepted.

Section 2.

Five percent of the voting members of CPN shall constitute a quorum at any convened CPN membership meeting in which business is transacted. No proxy shall be acceptable at such meetings.

Article IX. Finances

Section 1.

Dues of Members and Student Members shall be determined by the Steering Committee.

Section 2.

a. The Treasurer shall present a financial report at any convened membership business meeting.

b. The President may appoint an Auditing Committee to audit the financial records of the organization.

Article XI. Parliamentary Authority

The Parliamentary Authority for the Division shall be Roberts’ Rules of Order (Latest Revision), unless specifically superseded in some areas by provisions of these Bylaws.

Article XII. Amendments

Section 1.

Five CPN members in good standing may propose amendments to these Bylaws. If approved by the Steering Committee, such amendment proposals and revisions shall be distributed to the membership with a due date for returning ballots clearly indicated.

Section 2.

The Steering Committee may propose amendments to and/or revisions of these Bylaws to the membership at any time. Such amendment proposals and revisions shall be distributed to the membership with a due date for returning ballots clearly indicated.